Pebble Salt and Pepper Shakers

A familiar yet unexpected texture.  How you might imagine the shell of a giant prehistoric robin’s egg.  Or a river stone from Wonka’s factory, these salt/pepper shakers are irresistible. 

The organic colors and shapes are only the start.  The real fun comes with the design, inspired by a water jug the artist's friend brought back from Peru. No visible cue as to their use other than the artists signature “pinch” indention to indicate salt.  A simple yet ingenious design that will provide a rubric for which to evaluate your guest’s curiosity.   

What is it, how does it work, how do you fill it and maybe even “how do they make that?

Design:  Limited edition of 20 matching pairs each numbered, labeled, and signed by the artist.  

Material:White stoneware, Matte Glaze

Source: Michigan, United States