I founded Mastro Company to merge the craftsmanship of artists and makers with the creative endeavors of the home chef.  Mastro is always on the hunt for functional and beautiful tools for the discerning amateurs who "only use the best" in their kitchens.

The name Mastro Company is homage to the company originally founded by my grandparents, Mario & Maria Maccaferri.  Mastro Industries was a plastics manufacturing company that designed and produced everything from plastic clothespins to ukuleles and the Beatles’ toy instruments.

It was their innovation at home that was the origin for my love of cooking and the inspiration behind Mastro Company.  Their kitchen, outfitted with commercial grade appliances (unheard of in the 50’s), to the prosciutto slicer in the wine cellar/basement embodied their approach.

Both were Italian by birth and heavily influenced by years in London and Paris before finally settling in New York.  

My grandmother collected recipes from her early life in Italy, her teenage years in France, and then her never-ending search for the best tortellini.  As a result, everything from the food to the order of a multi-course meal was always a blend of those experiences and travels.  

They have since passed away but their passion for finding the best and sharing it with their friends and family continues.  To me the name for that is Mastro.

Best Regards,

Gene Reese