Basin Salt Cellar

Mastro Company

Our handmade ceramic salt cellar is burst of color with an understated level of craftsmanship.  The purple "basin" cover is thrown upside down on the wheel as a single piece with no joints. 

To paraphrase Michigan based artist Lynne Tan on the single piece lid design; “A single piece lid is quite common, but they usually have a knob...I probably didn’t invent this lid but I’ve never seen it before”.

The glaze for each cellar is applied one at a time by the artist and has a unique texture pattern. With a small hand carved walnut spoon to scoop, it's a useful table accessory with a spot of color.

Design:  An exclusive collaboration with Mastro Company.  Each piece is signed by the artist.

Material:  Whitestoneware, Matte and Translucent lead free glaze

Source: Michigan, United States

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