Hand Carved Wood Spatula

A ligneous extensions of your hand that resists heat and is gentle on your non-stick pans, this hand carved spatula will quickly become a favorite. 

A thicker handle for better grip and a point to hit the corners.  Paired with the hand carved spoon you will move effortlessly through life as a coppice chimera ready to flip, scrape deglaze and taste your way to greatness.

Despite their seemingly limitless culinary power rest assured of their humble beginnings.  Hand crafted by multiple generations of the same family in Arkansas each is unique piece that will last long enough to help you create your own legend.

Dimensions:  Length: 13in, Blade Width:2 1/2in, Blade Length: 3 1/2in

Design: Mastro Company

Material: Walnut or Maple

Source: Arkansas, United States