Mastro Kitchen Walnut End Grain Prep Cutting Board: Size 12 x 18 Inches

Cut with the grain, not against it.  The grain in wood is a little like a bundle of tiny drinking straws.  Run a knife across the side of that bundle and it will eventually cut through.  Run the knife across either end of the bundle and while some ends will get cut most of the time the knife will slip between straws.

It is the same concept with our end grain cutting board.   These boards are made in Northern Michigan using black walnut and maple inserts. They are more expensive to produce but will keep your knives sharper, last longer and look better over time. 

Thick enough to last but light enough to move around with an easy to grab handle on each end. 

Available with or without juice groove.  

Dimensions: 12 by 18 inches.  1.25 inches tall

Design:  Exclusive design by Mastro Company

Material: Black Walnut, Maple inserts

Source: Michigan, United States

Juice Groove