Hammered Damascus Chef Knife

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Two types of carbon steel sandwiched in a 4x4x1 inch block.  Heated to a glowing red, pounded flat, folded, then pounded flat again.  Rinse and repeat dozens of times.  The blade ripples with over 300 layers that blend into a flowing repeating pattern.  The result is called Damascus steel.

The profile of the blade is more french but with a taller blade from spine to edge.  Thinner than the german blades you have used.  The spine is the width of two dimes.  That keeps the weight down and lets the blade slide through your work with less resistance.  

Full tang construction extends the steel through the handle.  The classic handle design with a steel bolster and cocobolo wood grips fastened with mosaic brass pins.  

We are always looking for that blend of artistry and practical use.  This knife was crafted by a master knife-maker and designed to be used.  

We don’t know of anyone that learned to cook just so they could collect kitchen knives.  After getting our hands on this limited series of Damascus Carbon Chef’s Knives we can’t rule it out.  Two of this series of five found a home before they ever left the workshop.

Design: Mastro Company

Material: Carbon Damascus Steel Blade, Stainless Steel Bolster, Mosaic brass rivets and Cocobolo wood handles

Source: Georgia, USA