Custom Korean Cleaver aka "Chicken Chopper"

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What’s a Korean Chicken Chopper?

Breaking down a chicken, splitting the joints and even dicing garlic with the sharp smooth curve of the blade is a breeze.  

The rugged blade married elegantly with the solid brass bolster and African Blackwood handle offer an unexpected level of refinement on a working cleaver.  

The Custom Korean Cleaver by Mastro Company is a heavy yet nimble kitchen cleaver that offers the heft of a cleaver and the utility of a large chef knife.  

Designed specifically for the collector that appreciates their knife for its intended purpose.

---you’ll be hard pressed to find a prettier, more badass blade.

--Saveur, Best Kitchen Knives

----I ripped through 120 lbs of whole chickens and split a few veal bones for fun...not a nick on the edge…
--Marc, Chef inLa Quinta, CA

The San Mai Carbon steel holds  an exceptionally sharp edge and maintains it through hours of work.   The custom Korean Cleaver is perfect for those that value their gear by the rare intersection of practical use and countertop display looks.  

Destined to to become a staple in any cook’s knife collection

Design:  Mastro Company collaboration with IS Knifeworks

Material:  San Mai laminated steel deba blade, African Blackwood and brass handle. 7 inch blade, 4 inch handle.

Source:  Gyeonggi Province,  South Korea/Wisconsin, USA