Thai Condiment Tray

The word "condiment" has a less than exciting “ketchup and mustard” connotation.   Things really get interesting when you leave your prik dong or prik nam pla on the table.    The Thai word for condiment, krêuang-bprung (That which adds flavor), has a better ring to it but offers its own spelling challenges. This set isn’t specifically Thai but it will spice up any table.

Made up of three unique forms and five pieces.  Starting with a rolled out slab the clay is textured then cut .  Each tray, jar and spoon is hand built. 

When the soda is introduced into the kiln is volatizes and acts as a clear glaze in addition to reacting with the clay body causing the orange color

Each set of five handmade pieces is unique. Built, sculpted and fired as a set.  Tray is 4 inches by 7 inches and jars are 2.5 inches square and 1.75 inches tall.


Material: White stoneware, Wood/soda fire

Design: Nancy Green

Source: Georgia, USA