Dry Shino Gem Jars

Those who delight in the process of combining flavors ingredients, even multiple recipes into an elegant meal will find a kindred spirit in the work of Nancy Green. 

Influenced by potters in the United States, Italy, Ireland, and Japan, it is her ability to bring basic forms, techniques, and design ideas together into aesthetically pleasing yet completely functional forms. 

The smooth white exterior is a dry shino glaze.  The orange is a result of the unglazed surface reacting with the soda firing.  The speckled interior is a nuka glaze with wood ash in the recipe.

Using a wood fired soda kiln and feeding in more wood during the firing, the ash drifts through the kiln and fuses with the glazed and unglazed surfaces.

We have a limited series of these jars.  Each jar is built individually hand and the firing process can impart different patterns or colorations in each jar.  As a result each one is unique and one of a kind. The item you see in the image is the item you will receive.

Works great in or out of the refrigerator.  Use a butter dish with personality or a covered spice container.

Material: Stoneware, dry shino, nuka and unglazed surfaces.   Soda firing reacts with components in the clay body to create the orange color.

Design: Nancy Green in collaboration with Mastro Company

Source: Georgia, USA