Southern Old Growth Reclaimed Heart Pine Centerpiece Bowl

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Everyone knows about the old growth forests of the Northwest.  What you may not realize is that there are old growth forests in the South.  Longleaf pine, also known as Heart pine, once blanketed the Southeast United States covering 60 million acres when the first European settlers arrived. 

Older trees can grow to heights of 60 to 70 feet, with some examples living more than 500 years and widths of up to three feet. While the Longleaf pine is far from extinction as little as 12,000 acres of those original forests remain.          

The wood from this bowl was reclaimed from a river bottom in North Carolina and was carbon dated to be at least 140 years old.  It has been aged then turned by artist Bob Stancil into a durable and functional piece.  The dense resin-rich wood that made the Longleaf so desirable is still apparent after all that time.  Walk within a few feet of this bowl and you catch subtle and clean pine aroma.

Turned by hand and finished using food safe butcher block oil.  Don’t soak it in water or leave it in intense sunlight and it will easily last another 140 years.

Material: 140 year old reclaimed Heart Pine Lumber

Design: Bob Stancil

Source: Tennessee, USA