Handmade Copper Mixing Bowl by Sara Dahmen

A large handmade mixing bowl in pure copper.

This 5 quart copper bowl is handcrafted in America, spun from 3mm thick copper with a hand-hammered handle.  

Copper has been highly prized by chefs for centuries.  Unlined copper bowls are used by professional chefs to whip egg whites to frothy peaks.

  • Crafted in pure, unlined copper
  • Substantial 4.5 pound bowl with a round bottom provides an excellent platform for vigorous missing
  • Riveted, hammered copper handle
  • Made in USA by author and vintage culinary expert Sara Dahmen


10.75 inches diameter from rim to rim
5.5 inches high

4.5 lbs

Materials: Handworked copper with copper rivets

Design: Sara Dahmen

Source: Wisconsin, USA