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In Albacete, a province of central Spain has been known for manufacturing knives and cutting weapons since the fifteenth century. A typical Albacete knife is different from the rest because it has a spring mechanism, also called ratchet. It was primarily used as a weapon for self-defense. The knives contain a striker pin which serves as a mark or signature that it is a genuine Spanish knife. But because marking or adding striker pins to manufactured knives, the history of knife making in this place is only limited. In addition, knife making in Spain slowly disappeared due to competition in foreign knives manufacturing, vanished union of cutlers, depletion of steel sources and the prohibitions made by government. In December of 1721, Felipe V prohibited the use, manufacture and sale of knives and other cutting weapons.

You may find some authentic or handmade folding knives from this region.   However, dedicated kitchen knives attributed to Albacete are not common outside of a few commercial manufacturers such as Arcos

Other utility or hunting knife producers are:

Miguel Nieto (

Muela (

Conclusion: Look to other regions for a kitchen knife.