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In her 1931 novel, entitled “Stuffed Shirts,” Clare Boothe Luce wrote “ …content in the knowledge that the greatest intellects are the homeliest ones, and the height of sophistication is simplicity.”

Homely in the literal British sense, yet simple in their materials and form, the "Bibo" Sterling Silver Skewers are more sophisticated than they first appear.

The skewer provides a simple way to dress up your martini. Sterling silver and copper are proven to react with the sulfur compounds in wine, accelerating what happens when you decant or use an aerator. Just stir your glass with the copper rivet end and leave submerged for few seconds to take the edge off that freshly opened bottle.

It may be considered gauche to stir your wine or a bit eccentric to carry around your own set of skewers.

Then again one doesn’t become the first female US ambassador to Italy if they are timid.