Handcrafted Oak Bottle Aging Vessel

Barrel age your own cocktails and spirits with our new Oak Bottle Barrel.

Introducing, the world's first Oak Bottle,an oak vessel that accelerates the traditional oak aging process and allows anyone to customize their favorite wine, spirits, beer or cocktails by infusing extravagant oak aged flavors and aroma in a matter of hours not years.

  • Holds 750 ml-Perfect for aging a a full bottle of wine or spirits
  • Adds an incredible oak aged taste and aroma in a matter of hours
  • 100% American White Oak with a medium charred interior. The same wood and toasting  process used by Kentucky Bourbon makers
  • Up to 60 times faster than a typical oak barrel.  The increased surface area to volume adds that oak influence faster than most other methods

Includes: 1 Oak Bottle, 1 etched cork top, barrel wax, 1 coaster, 1 batch ID tag, and tube packaging.

Material: 100% American White Oak.

Design: Oak Bottle

Source: Chicago, IL