Handmade Copper Measuring cup set of 5

This set of 5 handmade copper measuring cups is an opportunity for art to live and work in our everyday lives.

Each facet, each angle that captures the light is a single hit of the hammer controlled by decades of practice.

“I feel as if I’m working with a suspended liquid...To me, it’s a very fluid thing.”-Ben Caldwell

Build your collection with an authentic original by a master craftsman.  Each set is limited and will be built to order.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.  

Approximate measurements of Cups

Length (end of handle to end of bowl)

W (end of bowl to other end of bowl)

H (bottom of bowl, touching table top, to top of bowl)

 2 cup (L 10.5") (W 4 3/4") (H 2")

1 cup (L 9") (W 4 1/4") (H 1 1/2")

1/2 cup (L 7 3/4") (W 3 1/2") (H 1 1/4")

1/3 cup (L 7 1/4") (W 3") (H 1")

1/4 cup (L 6 1/4") (W 2 3/4") (H 1")

Materials: Handworked copper with brass rivets

Design: Ben Caldwell

Source: Nashville, TN