Silver Serving Fork by Ben Caldwell

Silver serving fork created by hand in Nashville, TN.   It is a contemporary piece and at the same time, an artifact of true American craftsmanship.  Copper is hand hammered, worked, and riveted into the flowing organic design.  Then the piece is quadruple silver plated.

 What is quadruple plate silver?  It literally means that four times the amount of pure silver is used compared to a standard silver plate.  It is a process that dates back to the later 19th century and was reserved for the highest quality pieces.  Using four times the amount of silver is intrinsically more expensive but it also means that it is more durable. 

The most important fact is that these pieces, however beautiful, these pieces were always intended to be used.

15 inches long.

Material:  Quadruple plate silver over handworked copper

Design:  Ben Caldwell

Source: Nashville, TN