Silver Serving Spoon by Ben Caldwell

This large Silver Serving Spoon was created by hand in Nashville, TN.  Copper is hand hammered, worked, and riveted into the flowing organic design.  Then the piece is quadruple silver plated.

The artist, Ben Caldwell, grew up surrounded by silver.

His father, a patron of the arts, amassed a large collection of American and English silver tableware. It was always accessible. Caldwell took for granted that the family used silverware from the 17th and 19th centuries

“I know what a ladle’s supposed to look like,” he says. “I had all these forms in my head that I never knew were there. I had just absorbed it.”


It is a contemporary piece and at the same time, an artifact of true American craftsmanship. 

14.25 Inches long by 3 inches wide

Material:  Quadruple plate silver over handworked copper

Design:  Ben Caldwell

Source: Nashville, TN