Copper Bar Spoon with Trident Fork

"Great Neptune's Ghost!" won't see another one cocktail accessory like this anytime soon...

This Copper Bar Spoon with Trident Fork is the result of a collaboration between Mastro Company and artist Ben Caldwell.  Each facet, each angle that captures the light is a single hit of the hammer controlled by decades of practice.

Weighted and balanced for the home mixologist to spin smoothly on its axis when building your next mixed drink.

It is a unique opportunity for art to live and work in our everyday lives.

When something is beautiful and it works well and it’s good quality, it really adds something to your life,”-Ben Caldwell 

A matching Copper Bar Spoon and Mint Leaf Cocktail Stir is also available.

13 Inches long.  Spoon and Trident Fork ends

Materials:  Handworked copper with brass rivets

Design: Ben Caldwell and Mastro Company

Source: Nashville, TN