Lynne Tan Charcoal and Magenta Coffee Mugs

Glazed in a deep and textured charcoals with a gloss magenta/purple interior. The mug is 4.75 in. high and 3 in wide, holds 14 oz

Each mug is wheel thrown with handbuilt handle and fired.  

Each piece has our artists signature.

As with all handcrafted pottery, size and color vary from piece to piece, making each piece a one-of-a-kind

Lynne produces a small collection of them every now and then and posts them on Instagram, and each time I'm too slow to get to them. I love the clay color swirled with a white glaze - they're like tiny works of art.

perfect for people who prefer their coffee in large quantities, or in the more traditional, French bowl-style. Each one is handmade and the stripes have such a sweet, gestural quality to them.

We have a set of 4 that have our names written on the bottom and EVERY time someone comes to visit, they ask where we got these mugs.

strikes that perfect balance between rough and smooth and has a striped/cross look that I love.

  • 4.75" high and 3" wide